Violations in the midnight resonance
detains the repelled soul.
The solitude of concious ignorance,
summons the lustful ghoul.

Valiantly uncaped from the crimson red,
Still mighty without sword.
The aspirations of compassion laid,
sheathed from the viles’ word.

Impervious desires have been subjugated,
with steadfast audacity boast.
Undertook an oath to keep you unscathed,
No matter what the cost.


MR @ 2016




I wish that I can take your breath away
As much as you take away mine.

I wish to feel how you feel
In the same way I hope you could see what I see
When I look into your eyes.

I wish that you will show me you
And lay all your secrets in front of me.

I wish I could read your mind
That I can somehow hear your thoughts.

I hope even in silence I can comfort you
Like the embrace that calms you at night.

I hope that you know I’m here
I’d always be around to listen to your woes.

I hope that eternity could stretch out
So I can spend that time with you.


MR @ 2016

Sun Dance


This morning’s delight
started when she opened her eyes.
She peered through my windows
with a smile.

She took me in to
the heat of her embrace.
I welcomed it
and got myself at ease.

She took my hand
and we danced through the day.
I wouldn’t have it
any other way.

Swiftly the time
has gone too fast.
It’s 6 o’clock,
Oh, nothing ever lasts.

Slowly she’s let go
but I’d still wait.
The next day will come, I know
It’s written on my fate.

MR @ 2016

Hot Cup


The warmth on my hands when we touch;
Hot lips where my lipsticks’ smudge.
Smell that melts my heart away.
Heavens! Are you made by Freyr?

Without you, I’m not at pace,
bound with feather and lace.
You open my eyes to great sights;
Adrenaline shoot up in heights.

You put color in the darkest of days
In my sleep, rainbows you continue to leave.
Until then, my loyal friend;
Tomorrow, we’ll meet again.


MR @ 2015

Sick Power!

Evilness converted from luscious greed,
dividing lives of eternal creed.
The world created by false resonance,
ruined individuality and conscious balance.

Ne’er divine is the crippling soul,
depicted from the doctrine of an honest fool.
The elaboration of their lives, indeed,
is as foul as the one taking the lead.

Insiduous demands of a guileful thief,
corrupted innocence in the shadow of the eve.
Leaving his people lone and hopeless,
lives of the poor lead forever in darkness.

Who are you to call yourself a Queen?
When in fact you’re a Devil of selfish Schemes.


MR @ 2011


On a falling star I wished for you,
to lighten up this heart so blue.

So when you came, my hope soared high,
but so swiftly you went & said ‘Good bye’.

I sought for comfort but none was found,
and all hope were deemed buried in the ground.

Deliberately forsaken and rejected was I,
the love I offered was forever denied.

A thousand thoughts now ransack my head,
so strong & morbid I’d have to bleed.

Why made me believe those sweet lies?
O, why can’t you now hear my woes and cries?

I sit cognizant of the frigid air around,
and now convinced that to loneliness I’m bound.


MR @ 2010


Vague or vivid
it is there.
Always comin’ ’round for joy,
sometimes for a scare.

Emotions and feelings
naught are spared.
From its joyous embrace;
or its morbid disgrace.

They can be overwhelmingly glamorous,
perhaps ambitiously grandiose.
So the next day is anticipated
to bring the same pleasurable ooze.

But it could also bring fear,
or tumultuous despair.
That may to the extreme bring trauma, and sleep we cannot bear.

Sometimes it would feel real,
but just there, we lay.
Still, and with eyes shut,
Our spirits just wandered away.

Almost every one live through it,
but some simply give in.
To the magical powers of sleep,
Or the personified terrors it bring.


MR @ 2010

My Own Conflict

When cruelty strikes a flailing soul
and love no longer satisfies its growl.
When all that’s left but patience,
how can one survive an unexplained absence?

Tears again starts welling up,
as one’s soul is clearly drying out.
A faith once thought to be adamant
now has become something less than dormant.

I waited to the time to strike
as day passes with painful smites.
I drowned myself with memories,
to wash away reality’s discrepancies.

My own shadow itself has left me,
in shattered pieces of the world’s irony.
How can love be more than shallow?
How could it lead me to an unexpected hallow.
MR @ 2010



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