You Keep Me Safe

We have two offices, one for which the classes are done and the other office is strictly for staff. I normally am alone in the other office (for some reason I, too, do not understand) but I don’t mind it, really. I can think better without the buzzing of the bees in the background, plus, it feels like the huge office is mine alone. So let’s call this office “MegSpace”!

Earlier today, a child went inside MegSpace. I recognize him and I knew then and there that the teacher wasn’t around for she’s often late. I immediately approached him and confirmed who the teacher was. He looked at me cheerfully and smiled. I told him to sit on my chair and wait for me because I needed to find the receptionist so she can call the teacher.

After I came back, the child beamed at me like he was so happy to see me back.

“All done. Your teacher will be here any minute. She just got stuck in traffic.” I said.

“I knew you’d fix things!” delightedly, he replied.

I was amused but curious at the same time. I didn’t say a word until he said;

“Are you a teacher?”

I replied, “No. I’m not.”

Then he smiled even more saying, “I knew it. You don’t look like one. You are a detective!!! On TV, detectives look like you! Can I see your badge?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Although I did tell him what I really do in the office, still he insisted.

“You’re probably a secret agent. You can’t tell anyone. You keep me safe. I understand.”

It was the CUTEST THING EVER!!! I just wanted to hug him… Such an adorable kid. ♥

MR @ 2016


Destiny V. Freewill

Over the weekend, my friend and I were talking about love. It’s not an uncommon thing for us to talk about, and neither was it an uncommon thing that most people I know would seek to speak with me regarding their confusion on “Love”. I don’t consider myself to be an expert on that subject, but I am a pretty good listener. 😉

So on the course of the conversation, this friend of mine asked me what I thought about “Destiny” or she was probably asking me what’s my take on it (and if it’s relative to hers). I told her that I didn’t believe it, and to further elaborate on the matter is the reason why I am writing about it now:

“There are things in life that aren’t meant for us” is an adage a lot of people are pretty fond of saying. To me, it’s like an excuse – a flimsy excuse to not pursue what you want to do or want to have. The real excuse could be that the path is too difficult for you to continue, or that it’s too complicated, or that you’re too afraid. I don’t think a God who is as mighty as He to have given us the gift of “Freewill” would put a plan into our lives that no matter how much we turn around and change the end-game, we will end up exactly where He wants us to, no. I don’t believe in a predestination designed for our individual lives. It’s just not right.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I choose to believe in having a choice, rather than submit to that so-called Destiny. We create our own destiny. We are the excuse behind all the things that unfold before us. Yes, some things might be out of our control like death or poverty, but that doesn’t mean that we can just choose to submit to everything else and let “destiny” take its course. I still believe that we are, indeed, the masters of our fate and the captains of our souls.

MR @ 2016

Forgive and Forget

Like having swam in the depths of the sea,
Soaked in the rain, cold, and looking for heat.
Got so sick, yet Mother Nature I forgave;
but I have not forgotten.

Like how a banana peel foolishly left behind,
it just laid right there and thought it won’t malign.
It met my foot – I fell and whined.
I may have forgiven yet not quite forgotten.

Like how a friend I’d give my life for had secrets to hide,
when I uncovered the truth and she continued to lie.
Forgave without being asked although trust sure was lost,
Still, I have troubles forgetting.

When a family has hurt you, humiliated and defamed you,
when you bowed you head, but they continued to kick you.
Let bygones be bygones they try to convince you,
as a favor needed done and they had to come up to you.

Will you pardon it all, after you’d stumble and fall?
Should you forgive? It’s easy enough to say.
But I can never forget, not now, not ever, not at all.


MR @ 2016


It’s the same eyes,
with an unfamiliar stare.
It’s from the same lips,
yet formed with a different layer.

It is the same voice,
but with a distinct tone.
It’s from the same built,
although the stance has grown.

It’s from the same hand,
with a new touch.
The same hug,
one without carress.

I’ve known you all my life –
all my life until now.
You may be the same person,
but not someone I know, somehow.



Source: Facebook

I hope this is the last of it. I promised HFM, no more posts about Duterte or Philippine election! But pardon this last post:

I am all for opinions. Trust me, I am. Only that, I don’t get how people come up with opinions basing on a single blog and much worse, a satirical one.

Okay, so here’s the thing. This Pakistani guy came up to us (me and HFM) because we were talking about the new President in the Philippines, Duterte. He said he was familiar with him and even rooted for him to win but later on changed his mind. Without us asking, he went ahead and said his piece about the “rape joke” and the cursing in public, and he went on to do a tirade on how as a public official, he has a responsibility to watch his mouth and all. But take note, in between his tirades, this guy’s saying the “eff” word in between each sentence. Example: I really thought this fucking guy was awesome, then realized he was fucked up when he made a rape joke in public and he didn’t even fucking apologize for it and he even fucking said that the pope was a son-of-a-***ch.

In an attempt to make him understand, in case he had just been misled and that he was interested to know the truth, we told him to hold up, and asked where he read all those? His answer was short – Facebook.

So HFM and I asked, did you listen to the entire speech? Then he said, he only got to the part where there have been subtitles and such. We asked, how long was the video? He said, maybe about a minute or so. Then I told him, there was the mistake made on his end. He was too busy to focus on the wrong things, that he totally ignored and didn’t even stop to ask how he (Duterte) got to that statement. It’s like, seeing a dead body, claiming it’s a suicide, when in fact it’s murder. It’s not a really good analogy, but we told this guy that the gist of it was, try to consider reviewing the whole thing, the whole tape, the whole instance of how the speech was delivered and then make a statement. We informed him that it was an hour-long speech and if he just listened, he would have known how President Duterte got to that part of the speech, only he refused to listen.

Then he said, still, you never joke about rape. I must say, I’m with him on that. However, when I tried to reason with him and tell him about how people from the streets of Philippines doesn’t see it as a joke about rape, rather a pun on machismo, he begged to differ and went on about the President not even apologizing for it. When we tried to explain to him about Duterte apologizing for what had happened, he ranted on to not knowing about the apology and not seeing it having been posted on Facebook. Then we said, Facebook is not really a good source of information, I tried to discuss further when he said – “Am I to believe two girls’ opinion than the hundreds of Filipino friends I have online posting about it?” HFM made a fist and said she didn’t want to talk anymore and I knew then that there was no need to talk further because he was talking to us so he could make himself look pretty smart (which really revealed the contrary of it) and I just said, “Well, that might be what’s on your Facebook wall, but more than 15M people thinks otherwise.”

When he kept pushing on Facebook as a decent source, I had hid behind the shadows of my thoughts instead of succumbing to his tirade on who the Filipino people should have voted for – Miriam (Whom I do have high respects for). Still, I stopped talking because you can never argue with someone who feels that he knows everything because his source is Facebook. Again, it’s been proven – you can never convince a stupid person that he is stupid.



Election 2016.

It had been a rough 3 months, especially for the Presidentiables. I cannot even begin to fathom what they had to go through to complete this horrendous endeavor – that is, Philippine Election. In all of my existence, which isn’t really that long, I’ve never witnessed such a dirty fight.

Let this be a reminder to myself why I voted for Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte (may he win or not):

1. I choose to believe in a President who can truly relate to the masses. Who dines with them, lives like them, and who walks in their shoes.

2. I choose a President who has nothing to gain if elected (only Public Service) and nothing to lose if lost.

3. I choose a President who doesn’t just look and talk tough but one who acts the same.

4. I choose a President who knows what the country needs and who yearns for discipline more than anything else.

5. I choose a President who knows what the Filipino people want/need and how to get it.

6. I choose a President who puts the Filipino people first before any other culture. It’s not that we’re racist, but the Filipinos are way at the bottom of the food chain in other countries, let us be first in ours.

7. I choose a President who cries with the weak and fights for them, who laughs with the poor as he dines with them, who eats the kind of food we eat when we have nothing.

8. I choose a President who is always first in action, first in the scene, when things turns bad.

9. I choose a President who can assume accountability if things doesn’t turn out well, who can put himself accountable more than he blames others.

10. I choose a President who knows how it is to be a victim of rape and other heinous crimes and who is willing to actually do something about it.

11. I CHOOSE A PRESIDENT WHO AIMS FOR PUBLIC SERVICE BEYOND ANYTHING ELSE. One, who, when elected will work well with others and respect the decision of the mass. One whose only goal is to serve the Filipino people and his country.

There’s a few more reason why I chose to elect Mayor Duterte. I will not argue with anyone nor will I question anyone’s decision. But as I continue on to practice my right to suffrage, let me rejoice on his success when he wins and mourn for the failure if he lose. You have the same right as mine, whoever your President is, I know you have your reasons. I made my vote count, make yours too.

Stop the fight and begin following back the people you’ve unfollowed because you differed in opinion. Befriend again the friends you lost because you argued on the choices you’ve made. In the end, we are all Filipinos – we are one nation. Spread the love, not the hate.

MR @ 2016

Shut Up Ka Nalang (Just Shut Up)

Never had I thought this would happen,
that you smear your good ole name.
I wasn’t really a fan,
but things really got out of hand.

The people chose you –
they believed and praised you.
You were elected as they cried for change;
Nothing then had been more strange.

It was because of your mother,
no, maybe your father…
When he died, she was elected,
Oh boy, wasn’t that dramatic?

I thought we had it worse,
when GMA got coerced.
But with the passing of your mother,
you took advantage of the matter.

We all fell for your rehearsed speech,
in it lies all the hate and deceit.
Now you intend to cheat,
Really, enough with the frantic tricks.

Let the people choose
as they have chosen you.
Let the people pick
and please do not dictate.

Yours was a roller coaster ride,
We can’t expect anything less.
Let go of that power!
As Duterte said, please just rest.


MR @ 2016


Heightened compassion,
Flared up into the sky.
Ungovernable devotion;
This heart cannot lie.

Blissed ardour,
Swept by reverence ignite.
Full of fierce and vigour,
Uncovered in the night.

Frailties from a bottle freed,
indispositions unfurl in a whim.
Unleashed in a war unheeded,
The tussle no one can win.

Withstand the turmoils,
Avoid the storms.
But each day promises,
a visit from the forlorn.

MR @ 2016

That’s All

I need to keep you,
Keep you in my arms.
For I yearn to love you,
love you near or far.

I need to show you,
show you what’s in my heart.
I need you to believe,
believe that I’d do my part.

I will be with you,
wherever you may go.
For I adore you,
For now and ever more.

I’ll keep you safe,
safe from all that hurt.
I’ll make you strong,
as how you rocked my world.

But what more can I give?
When giving’s all I lack?
I feel so naive,
to assume I was on track.

I’d keep you safe –
the chant I always say.
Yet you’re so troubled,
and it’s all because of me.

To make you strong,
was all I really dreamed of.
But I am weak,
and now you will be gone.

Keep you from pain,
was all I ever wanted.
But give you more of it,
has all I’ve ever done.

Hush now, I’m sorry.
Is all that I could say.
I feel so stupid,
That’s all there is to me.


MR @ 2016