I need to keep you,
Keep you in my arms.
For I yearn to love you,
love you near or far.

I need to show you,
show you what’s in my heart.
I need you to believe,
believe that I’d do my part.

I will be with you,
wherever you may go.
For I adore you,
For now and ever more.

I’ll keep you safe,
safe from all that hurt.
I’ll make you strong,
as how you rocked my world.

But what more can I give?
When giving’s all I lack?
I feel so naive,
to assume I was on track.

I’d keep you safe –
the chant I always say.
Yet you’re so troubled,
and it’s all because of me.

To make you strong,
was all I really dreamed of.
But I am weak,
and now you will be gone.

Keep you from pain,
was all I ever wanted.
But give you more of it,
has all I’ve ever done.

Hush now, I’m sorry.
Is all that I could say.
I feel so stupid,
That’s all there is to me.


MR @ 2016


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