Never had I thought this would happen,
that you smear your good ole name.
I wasn’t really a fan,
but things really got out of hand.

The people chose you –
they believed and praised you.
You were elected as they cried for change;
Nothing then had been more strange.

It was because of your mother,
no, maybe your father…
When he died, she was elected,
Oh boy, wasn’t that dramatic?

I thought we had it worse,
when GMA got coerced.
But with the passing of your mother,
you took advantage of the matter.

We all fell for your rehearsed speech,
in it lies all the hate and deceit.
Now you intend to cheat,
Really, enough with the frantic tricks.

Let the people choose
as they have chosen you.
Let the people pick
and please do not dictate.

Yours was a roller coaster ride,
We can’t expect anything less.
Let go of that power!
As Duterte said, please just rest.


MR @ 2016


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