Election 2016.

It had been a rough 3 months, especially for the Presidentiables. I cannot even begin to fathom what they had to go through to complete this horrendous endeavor – that is, Philippine Election. In all of my existence, which isn’t really that long, I’ve never witnessed such a dirty fight.

Let this be a reminder to myself why I voted for Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte (may he win or not):

1. I choose to believe in a President who can truly relate to the masses. Who dines with them, lives like them, and who walks in their shoes.

2. I choose a President who has nothing to gain if elected (only Public Service) and nothing to lose if lost.

3. I choose a President who doesn’t just look and talk tough but one who acts the same.

4. I choose a President who knows what the country needs and who yearns for discipline more than anything else.

5. I choose a President who knows what the Filipino people want/need and how to get it.

6. I choose a President who puts the Filipino people first before any other culture. It’s not that we’re racist, but the Filipinos are way at the bottom of the food chain in other countries, let us be first in ours.

7. I choose a President who cries with the weak and fights for them, who laughs with the poor as he dines with them, who eats the kind of food we eat when we have nothing.

8. I choose a President who is always first in action, first in the scene, when things turns bad.

9. I choose a President who can assume accountability if things doesn’t turn out well, who can put himself accountable more than he blames others.

10. I choose a President who knows how it is to be a victim of rape and other heinous crimes and who is willing to actually do something about it.

11. I CHOOSE A PRESIDENT WHO AIMS FOR PUBLIC SERVICE BEYOND ANYTHING ELSE. One, who, when elected will work well with others and respect the decision of the mass. One whose only goal is to serve the Filipino people and his country.

There’s a few more reason why I chose to elect Mayor Duterte. I will not argue with anyone nor will I question anyone’s decision. But as I continue on to practice my right to suffrage, let me rejoice on his success when he wins and mourn for the failure if he lose. You have the same right as mine, whoever your President is, I know you have your reasons. I made my vote count, make yours too.

Stop the fight and begin following back the people you’ve unfollowed because you differed in opinion. Befriend again the friends you lost because you argued on the choices you’ve made. In the end, we are all Filipinos – we are one nation. Spread the love, not the hate.

MR @ 2016


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