I hope this is the last of it. I promised HFM, no more posts about Duterte or Philippine election! But pardon this last post:

I am all for opinions. Trust me, I am. Only that, I don’t get how people come up with opinions basing on a single blog and much worse, a satirical one.

Okay, so here’s the thing. This Pakistani guy came up to us (me and HFM) because we were talking about the new President in the Philippines, Duterte. He said he was familiar with him and even rooted for him to win but later on changed his mind. Without us asking, he went ahead and said his piece about the “rape joke” and the cursing in public, and he went on to do a tirade on how as a public official, he has a responsibility to watch his mouth and all. But take note, in between his tirades, this guy’s saying the “eff” word in between each sentence. Example: I really thought this fucking guy was awesome, then realized he was fucked up when he made a rape joke in public and he didn’t even fucking apologize for it and he even fucking said that the pope was a son-of-a-***ch.

In an attempt to make him understand, in case he had just been misled and that he was interested to know the truth, we told him to hold up, and asked where he read all those? His answer was short – Facebook.

So HFM and I asked, did you listen to the entire speech? Then he said, he only got to the part where there have been subtitles and such. We asked, how long was the video? He said, maybe about a minute or so. Then I told him, there was the mistake made on his end. He was too busy to focus on the wrong things, that he totally ignored and didn’t even stop to ask how he (Duterte) got to that statement. It’s like, seeing a dead body, claiming it’s a suicide, when in fact it’s murder. It’s not a really good analogy, but we told this guy that the gist of it was, try to consider reviewing the whole thing, the whole tape, the whole instance of how the speech was delivered and then make a statement. We informed him that it was an hour-long speech and if he just listened, he would have known how President Duterte got to that part of the speech, only he refused to listen.

Then he said, still, you never joke about rape. I must say, I’m with him on that. However, when I tried to reason with him and tell him about how people from the streets of Philippines doesn’t see it as a joke about rape, rather a pun on machismo, he begged to differ and went on about the President not even apologizing for it. When we tried to explain to him about Duterte apologizing for what had happened, he ranted on to not knowing about the apology and not seeing it having been posted on Facebook. Then we said, Facebook is not really a good source of information, I tried to discuss further when he said – “Am I to believe two girls’ opinion than the hundreds of Filipino friends I have online posting about it?” HFM made a fist and said she didn’t want to talk anymore and I knew then that there was no need to talk further because he was talking to us so he could make himself look pretty smart (which really revealed the contrary of it) and I just said, “Well, that might be what’s on your Facebook wall, but more than 15M people thinks otherwise.”

When he kept pushing on Facebook as a decent source, I had hid behind the shadows of my thoughts instead of succumbing to his tirade on who the Filipino people should have voted for – Miriam (Whom I do have high respects for). Still, I stopped talking because you can never argue with someone who feels that he knows everything because his source is Facebook. Again, it’s been proven – you can never convince a stupid person that he is stupid.



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