Like having swam in the depths of the sea,
Soaked in the rain, cold, and looking for heat.
Got so sick, yet Mother Nature I forgave;
but I have not forgotten.

Like how a banana peel foolishly left behind,
it just laid right there and thought it won’t malign.
It met my foot – I fell and whined.
I may have forgiven yet not quite forgotten.

Like how a friend I’d give my life for had secrets to hide,
when I uncovered the truth and she continued to lie.
Forgave without being asked although trust sure was lost,
Still, I have troubles forgetting.

When a family has hurt you, humiliated and defamed you,
when you bowed you head, but they continued to kick you.
Let bygones be bygones they try to convince you,
as a favor needed done and they had to come up to you.

Will you pardon it all, after you’d stumble and fall?
Should you forgive? It’s easy enough to say.
But I can never forget, not now, not ever, not at all.


MR @ 2016


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