We have two offices, one for which the classes are done and the other office is strictly for staff. I normally am alone in the other office (for some reason I, too, do not understand) but I don’t mind it, really. I can think better without the buzzing of the bees in the background, plus, it feels like the huge office is mine alone. So let’s call this office “MegSpace”!

Earlier today, a child went inside MegSpace. I recognize him and I knew then and there that the teacher wasn’t around for she’s often late. I immediately approached him and confirmed who the teacher was. He looked at me cheerfully and smiled. I told him to sit on my chair and wait for me because I needed to find the receptionist so she can call the teacher.

After I came back, the child beamed at me like he was so happy to see me back.

“All done. Your teacher will be here any minute. She just got stuck in traffic.” I said.

“I knew you’d fix things!” delightedly, he replied.

I was amused but curious at the same time. I didn’t say a word until he said;

“Are you a teacher?”

I replied, “No. I’m not.”

Then he smiled even more saying, “I knew it. You don’t look like one. You are a detective!!! On TV, detectives look like you! Can I see your badge?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Although I did tell him what I really do in the office, still he insisted.

“You’re probably a secret agent. You can’t tell anyone. You keep me safe. I understand.”

It was the CUTEST THING EVER!!! I just wanted to hug him… Such an adorable kid. ♥

MR @ 2016


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