The most wonderful thing is to be loved without hesitation, without fear, and without condition. If you love me, love me because of me – not because you caught yourself in a situation where you needed someone and I was there. If you love me, love me because I can make you happy by being there not because I make you forget of the things that make you sad.
There’s one too many things a lover can ask. All I would ask is for you to be honest – be brutal about it if you must, but never lie to me about how you feel. I will meet you half way, but I can’t go all the way. If you can’t love me the way I love you or if someone is still in your heart, don’t lead me on. I will love you so much that all of me will ache if you can’t love me in return, but it will kill me if you pretend that you do when someone else is in your heart.
I will fight for you and conquer everything with you, but please be there so it may be worth the fight. Let me know if it’s a lost cause and I will stop. I will not force myself on you, yet I will wait for you to be unleashed from the shackles of your past.
I can wait for a long time if you say you’d be there too, but again please… Don’t lead me on.
MR @ 102015

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