It’s been weeks since I saw the last episode of “Lucifer” online. Somehow, it had just caught up on me last night.

I was in hell. Well, not really. It must have been purgatory. It was dark and cold. I stepped back a little and immediately I found myself pushed flat on the wall. I couldn’t move despite my resistance, then I could feel calloused hands slowly gripping my un-moving wrists. I closed my eyes and the thumping of my heart in my chest was so strong, it somehow feels like a gorilla was trapped inside me wanting to escape and banging on all four corners of my chest wall (If it does have four corners). Cold wind brushed across my face. I continued to close my eyes but I can feel a presence right in front of me. I opened my eyes a little to just take a peek of this… presence, this thing, instead, I saw what appears to be an apparition of some sort. It was gas-like in form and it’s floating. It floated right abruptly and stopped so close to my face that I had to move my head back. It had a pale face with empty eye sockets which looks more of a skull than a face but it has white flesh with greedy black lips and deformed nose.

It asked me a question: “Why shall I spare you?” It sounded so menacing in my ears like my eardrums were a bomb threatening to explode if it ever utter one more word.

I could feel its breath in my face like I was walking along an empty road on a cold winter’s night. I only thought “From what?” yet I couldn’t speak. Although, as if it has been reading my mind it immediately added, “From eternity…”

Without thinking, I nodded my head. The apparition showed rotten set of bloody teeth with its wicked grin as it held up a scythe from nowhere and slashed me with it in beatific haste.

Then I woke up. My heart was beating madly inside my chest, still. Why did I ever agree to be spared from eternity?

MR @ 2016


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