“Maybe everything we had was a lie. Maybe I was wrong about you. And maybe, I didn’t love you at all.” says she.
I did love you. I was so sure about my feelings for you. I was so happy about us but I think the only lie was the thought that you love me and my love for you was enough for you to stay.
My love was never enough for you to forget what you had with someone else. How can someone like me compete with someone like her? I was just a random pick in your garden when your favorite flower dies. I was the spare pen when you lost your most treasured pen. I was just the plain paper that you could write on about anything useless and go for the scented paper and write about something sweet and passionate. She was special and I’m ordinary.
A battle wasn’t necessary because the loser was already called.
MR @ 2016

2 thoughts on “The Rebound

  1. @wordsarefullofletters Thank you so much for the appreciation. I am actually more of a writer for myself, like I write about how I feel! Also, feelings are vivid at night so I’m really nocturnal that way. 🙂


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