There are days I just wish to be alone. Alone with my thoughts. Alone to battle with my own indecision. Just me.

Today is one of those days. I just want solitude. The loud wheels of the cars turning, as they pass outside my window. The fast ticking sound of they keys of my keyboard as I am typing. The faint cries of the baby of our neighbor as she is crying. An unlikely company, but a company of a forced solitude, somehow.

At times, I beg for a distraction – a company. Someone I can talk to aimlessly about anything. Today isn’t one of those days. Right now is not one of those hours. Right now, at lost with my thoughts, I am reliving a dream I’ve had last night. Stuck in a large bamboo-made gazebo afloat in the midst of the vast ocean with just HFM as a company. She jumped with joy, confident that she has her life vest on, and swam around the gazebo pretending to be a shark rounding its prey. I dreamed about the sound of the waves of the sea, the forceful wind brushing across the flesh of my face, the heat of the sun radiating against my skin. Only the sound of nature and a sound of laughter that obviously came from the person I love the most.

It’s dreams like that, that we hope not to wake up right away. Spend more time in the depths of our sleep hoping it would last a lot longer. I am dreaming away today, as if I were asleep in my time of wake.


MR @2016


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