High and Mighty
across the sky,
My thoughts are with you
day and night.
Aimed to reach you –
Be just like you.
I reached out and got you
Touched and caressed you.

High and Mighty
You’ve made me happy.
In the night I lay
You continue to guide me.
Protect and love me
You promised that, you see.
Yet I woke up today,
As sad as sad can be.

High and Mighty
Come out and see me.
Today your Love is avoud,
Why hide behind the cloud?
Where have you gone?
What have I done?
Reach you, I tried,
I fell down and cried.

Further and further
The moon has faded.
As I aimed to reach it –
Be just like it.
Day and Night,
My thoughts were with it.
Across the sky,
The moon – is now mighty high.


MR @ 2016


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