Aduna ko’y hinigugma
Babae pod siya
Permanente ming mapangutana,
“Kinsa ang laki ninyong duha?”

Makalibog para sa akoa
Ang pagtubag niining pangutana
Kinsa daw ang lalaki?
Nga babaye man ming duha.

Nahibalo ko ang uban
Dili andam nga masayran
Ang likod sa kamatuoran
Sa malukpanon na gugma.

Dili angay ipangutana
Ning maong butanga
Ang gugma kay gugma
Wa na’y lain pa.


— Paghubad sa English / English translation:

Who Is Who?

My partner, my loved one,
Is also a woman
Thus we’re always asked
“Which of you wears the pants?”

I found myself bewildered
To even find an answer
to “which of you is the man?”
When surely, we both are women!

I know of a few
Who does not wish to know
The truth that lies behind
A love of the universal kind.

I hardly think it’s necessary
To ask such an inquiry
Love is love, as they say,
Nothing more and nothing less, you see.



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