He had just spent 7 months on the gym, yet he can already see progress in his hard work. The dieting came as a challenge but he was able to manage a 6-pack of “luscious” abs as he called it.

Vanity wasn’t going to end there though, so he asked his girlfriend if it was alright for him to bring the full-body mirror that was once in the living room to their room facing the bed. He was excited when she said yes and immediately placed the mirror in front of their bed where he can see his reflection as soon as he wakes up.

It was then early 2006, selfies and photos weren’t as famous then but he didn’t need cameras to see his hard work – he only needed a mirror.

One night after a modelling gig, he and his girlfriend went over a friend’s house to celebrate. It was already around 12mn and they were laughing and singing and having a lot of noise in a quiet province in Cebu. Before heading home, he decided to pee and was a little too tipsy to go to the loo, he walked towards the nearest tree and peed on it. Once done, he turned around and saw a blurred image of his girlfriend walking towards the back entrance of his friend’s house. He called on to her but she didn’t stop. She continued to walk away so he followed. A few steps later, someone grabbed him from behind – it was his friend. The friend asked him where he was going and he slurred out the words but his friend got one word right “girlfriend”. So the friend took him to his girlfriend who, thankfully, was still very sober, and they both decided to go home.

Early morning, he woke up to the smell of fresh eggs and buttered bread. He initially thought the girlfriend probably did the cooking but he can still feel his girlfriend resting her head on his arm with her back turned. With that smell of delight though, he assume that it was his mother! She has a copy of the house keys.

He slowly got up, making sure that he won’t wake his girlfriend, and faced the mirror. He moved closer to it and flexed his muscles. “Damn, I look good!” he told himself. Then he looked at the reflection of his sleeping girlfriend from behind, she was still deep in sleep. But when he checked the time, it was almost mid-noon! He just had to wake her.

He turned around, called out her name and playfully tickled her feet from beneath the sheets. She didn’t move, nor did she make a sound. He got concerned for fear that she might be unconscious so he grabbed the sheets on both hands and removed them… but there was nothing. No one was there.

He felt panic rushing down his spine. He swore he felt a head resting on his arms and he touched her feet. There were feet! He felt a cold sweat dripping from his forehead and, it might have been just his imagination, but the sheets were moving so he made a run for it. As fast as he could and went for the kitchen where his girlfriend, his real girlfriend was standing – cooking for their meal.

She asked what was wrong and he just stared at her blankly. She reached out for him with an apparent confusion on her face and touched his face. He calmed down a bit and embraced her.

He felt better, safe. Then someone came in the front door, he expected it to be his mother (finally). He let go of the embrace and held his girlfriend’s hand ushering her to go to the living room with him. Much to his surprise though when he saw that the person at the door was his girlfriend… and the hand tugged beneath his went cold – so so cold.

The he woke up with the smell of fresh eggs and buttered bread. His girlfriend was resting on his arms, her hair covering her face. She moved the hair away and was glad to see the face of her girlfriend. He kissed her and told her to get up. So she did. When he was about to stand, he saw a reflection of two figures in the mirror, one was him and the other – definitely wasn’t human.


(Loosely based on a True Story)

Photo Credits: http://cdn.playbuzz.com/cdn/93d7f6b0-2fc9-4ab0-8316-63a712c08413/16907fb8-1a63-487a-914b-e0ef18c7caab.jpg


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