People in the office are talking about things that frightens them the most. There are a lot of things covered – losing one’s career, failing in business, and losing a loved one.

As an avid fan of merely listening, I’ve formulated an answer in my mind. That of which, only strangers (or no one for that matter) would ever be able to read.

I’ve done a lot of things in life in which I was initially frightened… There are a few events in which I thought I’d lose my mind, but none of them came even close to that one thing that frightened me the most – falling in love.

The first time I truly fell in love was with this wonderful woman. She’s all I could even ask for and more. That’s why it’s so frightening. It’s scary to be with that one person who you never thought could make up for everything the world has to offer – when all the world could offer you is her, and it’s more than enough. It’s scary to fall in love with someone so bad that sometimes even the thought of that person possibly leaving you is already giving you shivers in a hot summer day. Someone so perfect for you, someone who (amidst all the flaws or imperfections) will always be that one person you yearn for.

Before I found out that she loved me too, every minute of every day I wanted her to be happy and wish that she will be even if it’s not me. Then when she loved me in return, I pray each day and each night that she will continue to do so. When you give your heart to someone, you just turned your heart into this very fragile glass. This glass, you carefully placed in the palm of her hands as she holds it upright and all you can ever do is hope… hope that her arms won’t tire to hold it still for as long as a lifetime. Then love blossoms in all season, yet, sometimes, some days, when it’s raining or it’s scorching hot, the fear comes creeping back to taunt you – the fear of her losing interest in that fragile glass and later on deciding to break it and not care.

Nothing could be more scary than giving someone else the power to make then break you… But then again, nothing is more fulfilling than having that same person fear the very thing you are afraid of but still braving the her way to you and meeting you halfway. Such is love… it’s easily the most frightening, yet the most enticing feeling in the world.



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