You come in the room,
then my heart cannot lie.
I’ve fallen in love
with a woman,
I couldn’t tell why.
You came over and
stared into my soul.
Then my thoughts daydreamed
of images of us two –
making love underneath
the moon so blue.
In my mind,
I’ve touched you places
no one’s been before.
I cannot hide
this bursting desire
of pinning you down,
on the bed or the floor.
Call someone now,
call for help!
My heart’s on fire,
lungs tied in a wire.

I won’t be able to breathe
Until you heed.
A simple request.
I gotta get off my chest.
Can I please know you more?
I hope you won’t ignore,
When I start a rapport.
Then maybe a relationship,
we can explore.

MR @ 2016



Believed in Santa Claus,
even in Jack Frost,
hunted for eggs,
each time Easter commence.
left a tooth or two,
for the tooth fairy
to collect too.
I used to believe in
even the dumbest of things.
But the worse I’ve done yet
was having believed in you.
The signs were
impossible to miss.
Yet I chose not to see,
that you’ve been
going ‘round
cheating on me.
You said I was number one,
should’ve read
between the obvious lines…
Sure enough,
there’s two more than number one –
but I’m more than sure that,
among us, you loved none.

MR @ 2016

Young Love.

Two innocents
still on the brink of
the true essence
of passionate love.

That first kiss
sends shivers to the neck
felt the initial bliss
merely on the cheek.

Petty argument
to establish dominance
strong as current
yet with chaste opulence.

Break up-make up,
beautiful young love
the fallacy of the hiccup
as evidence of True Love.

MR @ 2016

My Poetry

Private as I am,
I indulge myself some space.
My worms are in a can,
I make sure they’re debased.

Specifics in my life,
I’d rather keep in confidence
But my poems cannot lie,
truths depicted between the lines.

So I write in rhymes
The feelings I keep inside
Each line is a chime
the music with which I’m enticed.

MR @ 2016

The Crab and The Goat

The dominant part of me
lives in the ocean,
Loyal and true as can be,
I carry loads of emotions.

My other side of being,
dwells in this humble Earth.
You might find me conceited, but
I just know my worth.

We are different from each other
in a lot of weird ways.
But we’re stronger together
Our host gets stronger each day.

One half is born from the star,
the other brought about by the moon
We are each other’s anchor
I’m both Cancer and Capricorn.


MR @ 2016

Ang Kainit.

Ang kainit sa panahon,
dili madala.
Gamayng gawas sa balay,
akong singot magbaha.
Maghunahuna ko kini temporaryo
pero Sityembre naman gud!
Puno gihapon ko ug kalbaryo.
Ginoo, tabang! Hastang inita gayud.

Wala ko abti ug kinse minutos
nga tua sa gawas.
Gatulo ang singot
bisan nagpailawm ug overpass.
Ang ngipon ko magkagot
nga gahulat sa bus.
Magpadayun ning silot
hangtud ang Berano magtiwas.

MR @ 2016

Perfection In Her Smile

She smiled the most perfect of smiles,
but behind the sparkle in her eyes,
are the million shrouds of lies.

When she speaks, you’d think it’s true.
But she’s thought it all through.

When she lies, she doesn’t cringe,
she doesn’t falter nor does she flinch.

You would believe every word she says,
the sincerity in her tone that she makes.

Then you’d find yourself caught,
in her hands, in her words, in her world.

Everything perishes when you find out.
that lying is what she is about.

Take time to think things through,
You will find her words to be untrue.

There are a million shrouds of lies,
behind the sparkle of her beautiful eyes,
Each time she gives, the most perfect of smiles.

MR @ 2016