I found a place
a happy one,
I neither found you
nor anyone.
There too much bliss
in a world that’s strange,
It’s hard to miss
this change of pace.

There was one time
I thought I’d miss you.
I couldn’t sleep,
I felt quite blue.
The next few hours
Through constant search
In an empty bed
I found you instead.

I carressed you.
Softly, I touched you.
Eyes, enticing,
Lips so tender,
I’ve been meaning
To hold you longer
As my soul’s searching
for your flaming splendor.

You disappeared
In the middle of my sleep
I was left aching
And tears start to seep.
Relationships don’t last,
May it be a lover or comrade.
I realize as people pass,
I’m better off in this soledad.

MR @ 2016


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