Everything But You.

I held you for the longest time
It was just you and me.
We’ve always been partners in crime,
We’re perfect for each other, you see.

I lavished in your embrace,
You were showered with my adoration.
But time came that we needed space,
as I was consumed with my ambition.

On and on I went for my goals,
Slowly you got left behind.
The number of times you felt like a fool,
When your every invitation, I declined.

Everything I do was for me and you,
Why couldn’t you understand?
You shook your head, said I had no clue,
You believe you weren’t part of my plan.

You said farewell, I said fine,
I never really meant it.
I want you back, I was so blind
Now I have everything – it’s my greatest regret.

MR @ 2016


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