Try as I may, I wrote.
On that blank paper
I tried to make a note.
I just couldn’t quite decipher
Why you keep pushing.
That a poem for you,
I should start making.
You aren’t mine
As I ain’t yours.
Yet you ask for me something
Which is a little absurd.
I guess you were assuming,
That somehow, for you,
I have feelings.
I like you, but only
like a little sister.
So to another direction,
please go hither.
There is nothing romantic
between you and me.
If you think
otherwise, I want to say
“I’m sorry.”

But this poem,
I dedicate to you.
That you find someone
Who will love you so true.
All the poems you wrote
for me in mellow,
I hope finds a home
with another fellow.
It’s not me
you truly desire,
we don’t have chemistry
there is no fire.
I tell you now
For the sake of clarity
I am not worthy
of your poetry.


MR @ 2016


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