Long-Distance (A Collaboration)

(via @sophistikatedblogger)
I love you with all of my heart
You’re on the other-side
I thought it was all perfect
But now you’re no longer mine.

(via @nocturnalwonderwall)
I love you and you know that,
I envisioned you to be my bride
But as we’re apart, something flicked
From there, I knew we weren’t fine.

(via @sophistikatedblogger)
I want to go back to
When everything felt so right
I want us stand strong
And fight for our love.

(via @nocturnalwonderwall)
I wanted to call you
I wanted to make it right
But everything felt wrong
When I look into your eyes

(via @sophistikatedblogger)
What can I do now
To stop us falling apart
I wish I could hold onto
And somehow pause the time.

(via @nocturnalwonderwall)
To you, I made a vow
To you, I offered my heart
But there’s nothing to hold on to
We’ve become a broken paradigm.

(via @sophistikatedblogger)
Our love story just seems to fade
And there’s no right words to say
So we can go back from were we start
Cause it’s all falling apart.

(via @nocturnalwonderwall)
I can’t ask you to stay
So I’m walking away.
I tried the best I can
But how can we go back
when even from the start,
it has fallen apart?


It’s the first time I made a poetry collaboration with another wriand it’s amusing. To @sophistikatedblogger, I don’t know you but Thank you! Thank you for inspiring a greatness within me and apparently to all other writers in the world.


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