Could it have been true?
When you told me that you loved me, too?
I couldn’t quite help not smile as you said it.
No words could explain what I felt.
We had something good, everything was perfect.
So much love, is what we had.
Yet we had to lie, careful from those who pry.
What we had was forbidden, our feelings kept and hidden.
We had to do as told, hide from the rest of the world.
Then you had a plot to put up a huge front,
to me and to everyone that you’re seeing someone.
One who they say is more fitting for you,
and not someone gay.
I had to adjust when you said it’s for us.
I waited and waited that you’d come around,
but you’ve slowly forgotten
that to me you were committed.
Time passed by and our love has faded.
You wanted him now because it’s less complicated.
While I was left – alone and upset.
Then you said he was the practical choice.
I guess it’s really where it ends…
You are what you chose
you made all the rules…
Her name was Nicole,
The girl who made the call.
We never made it through.
Nicole, never have I had you.



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