Perfection In Her Smile

She smiled the most perfect of smiles,
but behind the sparkle in her eyes,
are the million shrouds of lies.

When she speaks, you’d think it’s true.
But she’s thought it all through.

When she lies, she doesn’t cringe,
she doesn’t falter nor does she flinch.

You would believe every word she says,
the sincerity in her tone that she makes.

Then you’d find yourself caught,
in her hands, in her words, in her world.

Everything perishes when you find out.
that lying is what she is about.

Take time to think things through,
You will find her words to be untrue.

There are a million shrouds of lies,
behind the sparkle of her beautiful eyes,
Each time she gives, the most perfect of smiles.

MR @ 2016


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