Kamusta Ka?

Kumusta ka?
Ang tagal na ah.
Gusto ko lang sana
malaman kung okay ka.
Teka lang!
‘Wag moko ipagtabuyan,
di kita babalikan,
totoo, nangungumusta lang.

Bawal na ba yun?
Yung kausapin ang
taong minahal mo noon?
Nung umalis ka kasi
nawalan ako ng pagkakataon.

Naging isa akong
malaking tanga.
Hinabol-habol pa kita –
and stupid lang, diba?
Aaminin ko,
ginusto kong bumalik sayo
yung tipong ako ulit
ang gustohin mo…
Ala Basya lang yung peg
wagas kung maka-beg.

Pero OK na ako ngayun,
heto, nakapag move on.
Masaklap yung pinagdaanan,
pero nalampasan ko naman.
Minahal kita noon…
Baka nga, mahal pa rin kita
hanggang ngayon.

Pero dahil masaya kana,
kung mahal talaga kita,
kailangan ko maging masaya…
Dahil sa wakas,
sa’yo may nagpapangiti na.
Wag ka mag-alala…
Gawin natin tong huling ala-ala
na minsan… naging tayo pala.



Higala [Part I: Ang Sekreto]

Higala… Higala ko.
Higala ra ko para nimo.
Mao na ang mga pulong
na labawng nagpahabilin
sa akong kasing-kasing
na naningkamot ug alim.

Atoang storya kay usa
sa kadaghanan sa storya
na kanunay nato madunggan.
Usa ka karaang sugilanon
mahitungod sa gugma –
gugma tali sa maghigala.

Angkonon ko, ang gibati ko
diha para kanimo
wala nako gituyo nga ma-amgo.
Nahitabo kini nga wala gituyo.
Higala, pasayloa kung kanimo
nahigugma ako labaw pa sa higala
Kini ang sekretong
Dugay ko na gitago.

Paghubad sa Inglis:

Friend [Part 1: The Secret]

Friend… My friend.
I am but a friend to you.
Those are the words
that had been etched
deep into my healing heart.

Our story, like many other,
is one we usually hear.
An old tale about a love
A love about the friends
that we hold dear.

These feelings are unexpected.
My friend, forgive me
for I am loving you more
than a friend should.
This is a secret I intend to keep
as long as I could.

MR @ 2016

Who is HFM?

I tell some folks she’s my girl.
But I can’t tell them that
she’s that one person who stole
my heart but gave me my life
the one who gave me a reason
to change the course of my sails
and the only woman who’s made me
fall head over heels.

I tell my friends she’s the one
but I can’t tell them that I love
every curve of her smile or batting of her lashes
or the scent I smell in her neck.
I can’t tell them that her hand
though smaller than mine fit perfectly
that I insist that our fingers intertwine
each and every time we walk side by side.

I look at her and I tell myself I’m lucky.
Lucky that she even considered me
or that she’s decided to look my way
and eventually fell in love with me too
the way I never think I could fall
for anyone or someone else in this world.
If our lives our designed in this sort of destiny,
I’m happy that I belong to her in this lifetime.


Hate You.

It’s been years since
I have seen you  again.
I almost choked with surprise
didn’t think you’d even
come near me again.

We had a good thing running
til you hesitated and went
out of my life without a word
not even a hint that you’d
leave me alone in this world.

Now you ask why I’m angry?
Why I don’t like seeing you?
Why I’ve tried to avoid this day?
What you’ve done has been etched
deep in my brain and heart…
So do I hate you? How could I not?



On that 8 o’clock bus ride
You’ve wandered in my mind.
You stared at me with your eyes,
I caught myself in a wide smile.

Long and beautiful black hair,
those big and brown doll eyes…
You look a lot like me and her
You probably came from HFM and I.

I wish you’d be
just as smart in Math as she.
You mom calculates so well –
her skills leave my mouth hanging in marvel.

I hope your heart is
filled with poems and words.
You can write your mom letters,
or make her sing with songs you wrote.

Mostly, I wish you’ll be a dreamer,
a doctor, musician, feel free to be carried away!
You can be anything you want to be,
although I hope you’d be as funny as me.

At half past 8, the bus has stopped,
you kissed me in the face to wake me up.
Your tiny hands has bid me good bye,
My child, see you again in my next bus ride.



I liked you a lot even before
You honored me that one dance,
Because you fought with him
And he left you by the stand.

For me, twas a dream come true.
Having spent just that one time with you.
Like the Heavens fin’ally heard
the desires within this heart.

You were truly beautiful
as are the sunshine and rainbows.
Your sense of humor was endearing
By God, my heart then was racing.

Like any other dream, came reality.
That night, I was but a good company.
I should’ve known better than linger
to the idea of being an almost lover.


Candid Thoughts.

The first time I met you
I said to myself,
“Hey, can I kiss you?”
In reality I had to say
“Welcome to the team.”
When I first shook your hand
You said you wouldn’t want to
Coz your hands were damp
I said, “It doesn’t matter”
when in my head I meant
“Can I keep you forever?”
When you first kissed me
in the cheek I had to tell you
“Damn, in public?”
But by the thugs in my heart
kept on saying
“Wait til I have you alone”
Each time I’m with you
I say things that I
only partially meant
But inside my head
are candid thoughts
that’re driving me insane.

MR @ 2016


I held your face in my cold hands
and slowly brushed my thumb on your lips.
I felt the tension in your neck,
where my fingers lay in comfort.

I looked deep into your eyes searching
if they are burning with passion as is mine.
I pull you in closer, my lips starting to part and
felt your breath in my mouth before I welcome them in mine.

Your soft lips finally touching mine
Having waited for forever was truly rewarding.
We sunk into each other’s arms as the night faded away
Held bent in this kiss that we both won’t be forgetting.