Before You Go.

Before you go,
Just reckon
you’d want to know,
Exactly what I’d do,
the time I’d lose you.

I’d miss you so much,
I’d be hoping
for your touch.
You’d visit me in
my dreams…
though I think the pain
would be extreme.
I’d be waiting for you
still by the phone,
still hope you’re there
when I come home.
Of course it won’t
be long.
I’ll try my best
to stay strong.
Try not to cry when
someone plays our song.
I just need time
Enough for me to move on.
I may call you once
or try your number twice.
Even when you refuse to answer,
I just want to remember,
that we had days of cheer,
not just anger or despair.

I’d miss you, I do.
But we’d be miserable
If I force myself
to keep you.



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