I never felt this before.
This unfamiliar feeling
I so want to ignore.
This certain longing
that you – I adore.
Could there be anything
that is more gripping
yet ever so frightening,
than falling for a friend
and later on knowing
that if this person finds out –
it would surely be the end?

Yet I might be wrong…
I might not be in love,
Maybe these feelings are strong
because she’s a friend,
one I wouldn’t wanna lose sight of.
But my heart trembles
each time she smiles
In her ways that are so humble
I’m melted deep inside.
For her, I’ll walk
thousands of miles.
Just so I could spend
more time with her
and know it’s all worth the while.

But if this is how I feel,
for just this one person…
How do I deny what’s real,
when these stirrings
within me are beyond reason…
I guess the only explanation,
is that I fallen in love!
With the only other human being
that I could never have.



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