How do I forget that
you were the ones I cling to?
How do I move on from
being totally away from you?
Where do I go if
things turn south for me?
Where do I stay if
there isn’t any place I’d
rather be?

How do I keep myself
from bleeding?
When memories of what
has been done in my head
keeps on replaying?
How do I mend a broken heart
when all it’s ever wanted
was your full understanding?

How do I forgive,
when you never asked?
Why do I even bother
remember what we used to have?
Things had changed,
clearly ain’t for the better.
Memories are all I have,
and I see you don’t even care.

I wish there was a way
that I could make you see…
That this is who I wanted to be
and that all I wanted
was for you to support me.
In the end, I still love you though,
A long time has passed
and I want you to know.
That even from afar
I still think of you both.
Still hoping that a day will come
that about me you’d
have changed your thoughts.



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