Where do I begin
to measure this pain?
The moment you walked out
from the door and my life?
How do I start
in finding ways
of healing my heart,
when you stole it from me
and later broke it
and left it to bleed?
They told me to stop,
let go, and break away
from the shackles you’ve
trapped me with as I lay.
They told me this life
had just begun to live
and it shouldn’t take a while
for me to get back up,
and so I’d stop from this grief.
Someday, one day –
I know I’ll be okay.
But for now I’ll die
so I can learn to live
in each of every day.
I’ll die so I won’t
fade away..
Let me die a little bit,
just a little more.
Let me thrive to
resuscitate myself
so I may let go..
Then maybe I can love
one more time
live again so I
could be renewed and
be whole – be sublime.



2 thoughts on “Die A Little.

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