I remember back when
I was still in school and then
I would complain again and again
How I loathed studying.

Still, I’ve learned about Geography
Tried to find you in a map
Yet much to my dismay
The path towards you is blocked
Not much to go on so I stayed.

I’ve also learned about Math,
I’ve calculated things like
how much I could ever love
I stared at the calculator
for so long
Yet it showed me an error,
where did I go wrong?

I also learned about Values
and I applied all that I learned
and respected you like no other.
Yet I lost you still
to someone who doesn’t even bother.

I don’t understand
how we could learn so much
but know so little still.
The only thing that I could do
is use what I know
and write about things
I’ve been through with you.

School should have taught us
things about life and grief,
The equation of me and you,
The probability of our love coming true,
And the knowledge of moving on
In the event that I would lose you.



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