Who is HFM?

I tell some folks she’s my girl.
But I can’t tell them that
she’s that one person who stole
my heart but gave me my life
the one who gave me a reason
to change the course of my sails
and the only woman who’s made me
fall head over heels.

I tell my friends she’s the one
but I can’t tell them that I love
every curve of her smile or batting of her lashes
or the scent I smell in her neck.
I can’t tell them that her hand
though smaller than mine fit perfectly
that I insist that our fingers intertwine
each and every time we walk side by side.

I look at her and I tell myself I’m lucky.
Lucky that she even considered me
or that she’s decided to look my way
and eventually fell in love with me too
the way I never think I could fall
for anyone or someone else in this world.
If our lives our designed in this sort of destiny,
I’m happy that I belong to her in this lifetime.



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