I feel so gloomy right now.
Say I’m a bit unhinged,
Say I’m a little down,
Say I don’t want anyone around?
Don’t ask coz I don’t know
the reason why I feel too low.
I walk around thinking
That all is fine,
all the while hoping
for a time to unwind.
There’s too much mess,
too many voices,
crammed in this head
I feel my skull break.
I need stars,
something to look from afar.
Hear the drizzling of the rain,
oh what joy that would bring!
I just want to stop,
stop feeling so sad.
Let go of the sorrow,
just forget the past.
Begin my tomorrow
and not heave on to these sighs.
Move forward and forward,
Throw away the wretchedness,
I gotta fight this hard,
fin’lly get rid of this loneliness.



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