INFP: The Mediator.

I am a true idealist!
I believe in the nature of goodness.
I seek and value harmony in my community,
For me, it’s the basic need in the society.

I am mostly an introvert,
social gatherings I often avoid.
My nature is rooted in Diplomacy,
but anyone rarely gets to know me.

You perceive me as calm and patient,
but I warn you not to be complacent.
When crossed, I take things personally,
but I don’t bite or bark, don’t worry.

I align my principles with the commonality
With the hope of reaching prosperity.
I trust everyone could still be better,,
with perseverance nothing’s impossible.

I love everything in this world,
but I trust only a few people.
I enter relationships wholeheartedly,
and as an idealist, I’m seldom swept away.

I may put my partner on the pedestal,
I am dedicated and trustworthy.
I believe that two is better than one,
Growing together is much more fun!

I’ll always be there if you need me,
but I have this need to be alone, see?
When I’m feeling down and weary,
I disappear so I won’t be seen dreary.

I am passionate and easy to love,
My being’s evolve around personal touch.
I don’t easily get attached nor do I judge.
Be true! Your individuality, I’d indulge.

Overall, allow me to justify,
the truth within me unveiled, un-mystified.
I am true, kind, and poetic.
but I suck in technicality and arithmetic.



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