INTJ: The Architect.

I am smart and confident,
mostly I’m independent.
I work better alone, and
rarely (with others) do I get along.

I work hard and am determined,
Rational and open-minded.
I am the jack-of-all-trades,
and simply abhor idle charades.

I’m not easy to get along with,
You first need to prove you’re worth it.
Chivalry holds no meaning to me,
I’m always a frank and honest company.

I think deep and concentrate
on life and it’s meaning…
I’m never superficial, albeit,
At times my comments could get demeaning.

I fall in love too –
but not that easy, I tell you.
Honesty, trust, and involvement
are my primary requirements.

I find it easy enough to let go,
if a relationship’s bound to end.
I can say “Bye” as easy as “Hello”,
at the first sign of offense.

The people I love, I care for so deeply,
But I am often seen as stern and unyielding.
I only aspire that they be independent,
but in truth I am soft and compromising.

In conclusion, I hereby say…
I’m controversial yet basked with mystery.
I’m an obsessive-compulsive dreamer.
Yes, I am tough ‘cause I’m
A natural born leader.

MR @ 2016


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