ISFJ: The Defender.

I am humble and shy,
and I’m bad with good-byes.
I’m reluctant with change,
I initially feel estranged.

I am loyal and hard-working,
I’ve always been career-driven.
But sometimes I feel overloaded,
when my own expectations, I can’t exceed.

I believe in forever,
and will play with hearts, never.
I’ll put first my loved ones needs,
even if I had to forget my own dreams.

I am practical and dedicated,
I care more for others than myself.
At times it’s difficult for me to relax
when I have failed a certain task.

There’s a lot of things I’m good at,
but sometimes they’re never enough.
So I always tend to re-asses,
myself and my weaknesses.

My intentions are for the better,
they’re mostly altruistic.
I put faith in a Higher Power,
“Kind” is a word that fit me best.



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