At first glance,
I didn’t think much of you.
You were something new to me
I couldn’t care less what you do.

A few days went by,
No one has noticed you.
I’m not sure why,
for some reason people fear you.

A conversation’s transpired
between you and I.
One evening on a cloudless sky,
we saw each other eye to eye.

Then the moon became our center,
How we got there? I can’t remember.
We traveled the vast galaxies,
other worlds – the limitless light-years.

Caught with this connection,
that you and I never imagined.
Then something in me changed,
the moon became you instead.

Closer and closer
I got pulled in to your gravity.
And I wanted to stay
locked in your captivity.

Though, just like the moon,
you had to go away.
You’re up there now,
while here on Earth, I stayed.



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