A thousand reasons –
I found this number
of causes for me to leave.
But none is enough,
so I continued to stay.
A hundred other more,
that’s eleven hundred now.
Should I stay or go?
You asked me to decide,
to make a move.
I just wanted to be with you,
but I can’t do that
all the time, too.
You’re his and he’s yours.
The odds are against me,
I know I’d just lose.
Ten reasons more…
I’ve always just been depressed,
hoping you’re mine,
leaving a trail of mess.
The exchange of sweet nothings
are done only when
the twilight’s a witness.
Five more reason to pack up.
Still ignored all the signs,
still waiting for you to come.
Seated alone at the corner
of this bed for two –
Anticipating a knock
on the door to find you.
Eleven hundred fifteen –
I’ve wanted to be free
from the shackles you gave me.
Yet I caged myself in
because all other reason defy
that one and only reason
that kept me from flying.



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