Feliz cumpleaños

Feliz cumpleaños, mi amigo.
It’s your day! Come,
let’s have some Mojito!
Let’s reminisce good times
me, you, and the crew.
Let’s drink to the memories,
coz another year’s gone adieu.
I’d like to celebrate
your bravery and courage.
You’ve truly out-shined
yourself as you’ve aged.
Today, allow me to declare
that you’re a one true friend,
and that’s rather rare.
Let’s grab a drink and give cheers
to you genuine and kind heart.
You’re now a year older,
worry not, don’t be bothered.
You’re still an eye-catcher,
it’s you’re birthday,
I’m allowed to lie on the matter! (HAHA)
Kidding aside,
It brings me great pride,
that we share a camaraderie,
that we can both boast in glee.
A friendship that I hope
will outlast throughout history.
I wish you blessings
and more saccharine cakes to cut.
I’ll be here for you always,
no matter when, how or what.



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