Hush Now.

You came running towards me,
panic rushed all over my body.
To be near you, was all I ever wanted.
and you’re here now, I should be happy.
Yet there’s sorrow in your eyes and your soul,
and you no longer believed in tomorrow.
Hush now… Hush!
You don’t say things like that.
You hugged me tight, it was Heaven’s gift.
It was the only thing every Christmas
that I ever wished to receive.
Yet it was because of  the pain.
The suffering you’re going through.
I now wish I could somehow take it back,
make it mine and pull it away from you.
Hush now… Hush!
Your tears are soaking my shirt, it’s my favorite,
but if you wish to make a handkerchief of it, I’d comply.
Think, man! Think!
How can I possibly calm you down?
I caressed you like a child, held you near as you cried.
If I tell you “I love you”, will you no longer be blue?
Would you smile for me dear?
Would that give you a cheer?
Yet I can’t possibly say that, for now, let me be here for you –
Though you don’t hear me, I will hear you.
Hush now.. Hush.
Please stop crying.
I feel helpless that I can’t even take away the pain.
Hush now… Hush.
It seemed to have worked!
You’ve now kept your silence, but then uttered
I love him…” thinking you’re unheard.



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