INFJ: The Advocate.

I am an egalitarian!
I believe we’re all equal.
Regardless of who
or what you are.

When I believe in you,
trust that I do
and I’ll fight for it too.
Never think that you’re alone.

I believe in honesty,
that we can all live by it.
There’s nothing better than to tread
on to inspiring deeds.

I am warm and passionate,
I will lavish you with altruism.
Although I’m extremely private
Getting to know me more is slim.

I have this need to be inspired –
I chase after goodwill in people.
But I won’t have you criticize
the cause I believe in or my pride.

I am not easily wooed,
if you try hard I’ll be amused.
If you try harder, I’ll be spontaneous –
Public display, I often exhaust.

I am not afraid of intimacy
as long as you never lie to me.
You will travel through my depth
if you can take away my breath.

I can be a bit of a perfectionist,
but I will consider a friend my soulmate.
Travel through the world with me,
Conquer every facet of my imagery.



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