Girl In 210 (3/3)

My heart thumped loudly in my chest
as my mother and I sat in silence.
Mind you, this tale is a rather long one,
but it’s worth your while, especially when I’m done.
I will tell you the explicit way
my mother had relayed it to me –
She started with a name – “Eloise”
finally, a name to match the face.
She moved in the building
three years back,
her mother had just died then
her father has become a drunk.
She stopped going to school
and took care of her father…
but he never took notice of her,
he never bothered.
But Elise rathered he didn’t care
than when he started to hit her after each emptied bottle.
When he is drunk he slapped her around
but she never allowed that to bring her down.

Her life was full of ups and downs,
her plans never seemed to materialize,
but she faced life still with courage –
made magic in each of her life’s page.
The tough times where she was sure she’d break,
she closes her eyes and say a prayer –
That all hardship and misery disappear
and her father, be once again, endeared.

But Fate has brought her more misfortune,
that one winter’s night full of desolation.
As she was on her way home
a few blocks away from work,
Eloise was taken by force
violated by monsters cloaked in murk.

She woke up the next day
blinded by a white light,
Dressed in a hospital gown
her father’s face was in fright.
He had almost lost his daughter,
but what’s worse than that –
was when Eloise lost sight of hope
lost her way and her path.
Her father stopped drinking
but Eloise stopped speaking.
She would just lie awake in bed
afraid to scream her way from sleep.
Til one day Eloise could no longer take it,
she took a blade and sliced her wrist with it.“
I broke down in tears as my mother finished,
I never knew her life was full of perish.
If I could only turn back time
and had taken her clue seriously before I had part,
I could have saved her
and she’d still be here with a beating heart.



Girl In 210 (2/3)

She was that girl
with jet black hair,
a tantalizing smile,
and beauty she didn’t know was there.
She was mysterious,
or maybe I was just delirious?
Was it true that I met her?
On that rainy day in September.
She was all I could think of,
even with a pool of options.
Though I met her but once,
I believed fate will mind its course.
Three years had gone,
I’ve moved out from my folks’ home.
Though every time I visited,
I still look around for this girl.

While I was wandering the hallway
towards my folks’s flat,
I noticed our flat number was 212,
I was caught in shock.
Could it have been
that she’s from Flat 210?
Or is it just me again,
making up scenes in my head?
If I was right though,
she’s just two doors away.
I could create my own destiny
manage the course of my fate.
I headed slowly, heartbeat racing
palms sweating, slowly pacing.
I knocked on the door,
hoping to see my girl – 210.

Nobody answered
and there was that eerie stillness.
I hurried back to our home
asked my mother if she had known.
The girl I have been searching for,
that girl who caught my heart.
My mother spoke with sad eyes,
saying she’s known them for a while.
She said she knew the history
of the girl I wished was destined for me.
I sat in silence and let her speak
hoping she will unveil Girl 210′s mystique.


Girl In 210. (1/3)

On a cold winter morn,
I squeezed into my jacket –
my breath’s darn cold
like I had chewed on ice.
I stood still waiting
for the bus to come ‘round.
It’s a little late now,
worse, it had started to drizzle.
Rain came pouring down,
I was sure I’d get another shower.
But you came right beside me,
had an umbrella over my head.
I thanked you profusely,
you just smiled and nodded your head.
I asked you your name,
you only responded with “Girl in 210″.

I had no idea what you meant,
but the ride finally arrived.
I ushered you to go in first,
not my luck, it’s not your ride.
“Your name?” I asked again,
in all mystery you just gave me a grin.
With a touch of hesitation
i went inside in isolation.
”Girl in 210,
will I ever see you again?”
I’ve waited days and weeks,
and months and years.
Still took the same bus route,
and my sanity I’ve started to doubt.
Did I really meet you, 210?
Were you for real?
Or were you just a fiction?
created by my imagination.

MR 2017

Not Temporary.

anonymous asked:

She said she loved me on a Sunny day, no wonder she can’t see me on dark days, nor can she see me during a storm, it’s impossible for her to love me at night, even in the Dawn.

Give and Take.

We met in a time where
both our hearts were broken.
In a time where we wanted
nothing more than mending.
A point in life where
colors had started to fade,
and love was but
a twisted charade.

Yet with you by my side,
I’ve felt changes from within.
Like I’m willing to try
give love a chance again.
Still, I told you not to fall in love
if your hearts’ not mended enough.
You agreed with resolute
that you and I will not get involved.

A few weeks later,
you started a chase.
Like you’ve already gotten over
a love you said was great.
I was confused but you seemed so brave,
brave enough to stand up to all that you said.
I gave in with hesitation hoping it’s real,
when you said you loved me – it felt surreal.

Everything was fine,
we were in love.
But one day it all changed
when she started to call you up.
You said you weren’t going to take it,
but when you went home, you did.
The next day I asked if we’re okay,
but the fire in your eyes were dead.

You said you’ve moved on,
it felt true – I assumed.
But one look in your eyes,
your smile couldn’t disguise
the feelings that you have for her
in your heart still lingered.
I had to say good-bye before it’s too late,
I don’t want to have keep a heart
which to another you want to give.


In My Jammies.

Saw you sitting by the open window as I opened my eyes,
your hair being gently blown by the wind.
You’re beauty’s sublime even when dressed in my old jammies,
once again my heart raced with such a sight.

I walked towards you barefooted,
the floor cool against my feet,
you reached your arm out to take my hand,
“Darling, I’m at your every command.”

You smiled as I sat beside you,
you held my hand like it was your prize,
you are the vivid version of my sweetest of dreams,
I wish we stay like this for life.

But outside was a gloomy day,
There’s a promise of rain on the clouds that’re gray,
Enraptured with the coolness in the air,
I hugged you tight as you whispered in my ear.

“Hush, love, hush, this is but a dream.
I’ll be gone in a minute, but I’ll make this feel real.”
True to her word, I woke up again,
but image of her in my jammies still remains.


Timeline Part 1.

October 2011.

The first time I met you,
I shook your hand as you smiled.
It was embarrassing how awfully obvious I was
when my jaw dropped by a mile.

December 2011.

A little flirtation here and there –
it never hurt nobody,
til I got the first form of rejection from you
When you din’t turn up on that Christmas Party.

January 2012.

I was hungry and I asked you out,
but Earl messed up the timings purposely.
So I hugged you before I went out for lunch,
said “I love you” accidentally.

I froze up after I uttered words
I normally wouldn’t say carelessly.
But it’s out there for the universe to hear,
so I just savored that momentary insanity.

February 2012.

I went with my sister to Palawan,
and you went with friends to Surigao.
The exchanges of messages were still unstoppable,
I believed we were moving on to the next level.

March 2012.

I finally had the courage to ask you out,
“Not on a date” I pretended, “just two people hanging out.”
We held hands and I just knew it,
I fell in love with you, and it was the start of magic.

MR to HFM @ 2017

Locked Down.

Dive into my subconscious
where everything’s a mess yet in order.
Suppressed emotions locked at best,
unknowing when they’ll turn into anger.
Sometimes I lie awake,
hoping sleep won’t follow.
For I could never take
another minute into the dark hallows.
Gripping, curling,
the horror that I see
when these eyes are closed,
I sometimes couldn’t breathe.
Lucky, blessed,
I will always appreciate
the day you came into my life
that night you slept by my side.
Sometimes I still wake up screaming
my hands around my throat,
cold sweat dripping trying to control
my heart racing,, jumping out of my chest.
But then I feel your hands reach out –
the only cure to my anxiety.
Your presence is the only thing
that offers true tranquility.
Diving into my subconscious now
is still a mess yet in order.
Where all suppressed emotions are locked down,
but I fear not for you have been
and always will be around.


Philippines and You.

The Philippines is a lovely place,
you will explore beauty you’ve never seen before.
But such beauty cannot compare
to what I see when I look at you.

I have looked into the depths of the eye of a tarsier in Bohol,
dived deep into the ocean in Boracay,
bathed naked under the sun, on the sugary sand of Palawan,
but never had I felt so seen that when I see you staring at me.

I have seen the grandness of Tinuy-an Falls,
had been enchanted to the mystic of the Enchanted River,
witnessed the majesty of Maria Cristina Falls,
but none of them comes close to
the mystic magnet of me being drawn to you.

In talks of perfection, what can be more perfect than Mayon?
Or as equally dazzling as the waves in Surigao?
or as perfectly calm as the twin lakes in Dumaguete?
I searched for answers to these question
but the answer was in Siquijor all along.

I’ve been to a lot of places and seen different colors in the wind,
but I’ve never been inside myself, until I saw them in your eyes.
All of these and more, no one can contest that you’re
the only one I adore.