In My Jammies.

Saw you sitting by the open window as I opened my eyes,
your hair being gently blown by the wind.
You’re beauty’s sublime even when dressed in my old jammies,
once again my heart raced with such a sight.

I walked towards you barefooted,
the floor cool against my feet,
you reached your arm out to take my hand,
“Darling, I’m at your every command.”

You smiled as I sat beside you,
you held my hand like it was your prize,
you are the vivid version of my sweetest of dreams,
I wish we stay like this for life.

But outside was a gloomy day,
There’s a promise of rain on the clouds that’re gray,
Enraptured with the coolness in the air,
I hugged you tight as you whispered in my ear.

“Hush, love, hush, this is but a dream.
I’ll be gone in a minute, but I’ll make this feel real.”
True to her word, I woke up again,
but image of her in my jammies still remains.



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