Locked Down.

Dive into my subconscious
where everything’s a mess yet in order.
Suppressed emotions locked at best,
unknowing when they’ll turn into anger.
Sometimes I lie awake,
hoping sleep won’t follow.
For I could never take
another minute into the dark hallows.
Gripping, curling,
the horror that I see
when these eyes are closed,
I sometimes couldn’t breathe.
Lucky, blessed,
I will always appreciate
the day you came into my life
that night you slept by my side.
Sometimes I still wake up screaming
my hands around my throat,
cold sweat dripping trying to control
my heart racing,, jumping out of my chest.
But then I feel your hands reach out –
the only cure to my anxiety.
Your presence is the only thing
that offers true tranquility.
Diving into my subconscious now
is still a mess yet in order.
Where all suppressed emotions are locked down,
but I fear not for you have been
and always will be around.



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