Philippines and You.

The Philippines is a lovely place,
you will explore beauty you’ve never seen before.
But such beauty cannot compare
to what I see when I look at you.

I have looked into the depths of the eye of a tarsier in Bohol,
dived deep into the ocean in Boracay,
bathed naked under the sun, on the sugary sand of Palawan,
but never had I felt so seen that when I see you staring at me.

I have seen the grandness of Tinuy-an Falls,
had been enchanted to the mystic of the Enchanted River,
witnessed the majesty of Maria Cristina Falls,
but none of them comes close to
the mystic magnet of me being drawn to you.

In talks of perfection, what can be more perfect than Mayon?
Or as equally dazzling as the waves in Surigao?
or as perfectly calm as the twin lakes in Dumaguete?
I searched for answers to these question
but the answer was in Siquijor all along.

I’ve been to a lot of places and seen different colors in the wind,
but I’ve never been inside myself, until I saw them in your eyes.
All of these and more, no one can contest that you’re
the only one I adore.



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