Taste of Christmas in Pinas

On Christmas day,
I’d like to eat
all that’s listed;
let’s start with
the sweet spaghetti
that’s oh so yummy!
The pork hamonado
that makes me go loco!
The embutido
still wrapped in foil –
Mama, please,
Let me have it all!
The Kaldereta,
my favorite dish,
cooked by my girl –
what a heavenly taste!
Of course, who’d miss
the Pancit Malabon?
you get so ’busog
you’ll start to yawn.
And on the table’s
a variety of ’kakanins
from puto bumbong to bibingka,
you won’t know where to begin.
Mommy’s fruit salad,
is the best of desserts.
I had too much of it
I’ve bloated in my shirt.
But the best among the rest
is the King of the night!
Lechon baboy so mouth-watering
in every bite!
Working abroad,
I’m missing how it was –
the tradition, the culture,
and the taste of Pinas.

MR@2016 (December Post)


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