Right Back.

I can’t find my past
in my head,
there are visions
that I cannot connect.
Dreams, that are
too damaged to conceive.
My subconscious
is but a hazy stance,
ripped apart
trapped in a mere trance.
My present isn’t
refined as well,
shrouded by a cloud
perhaps it’s but a quell.
In spite all that,
you appeared with majesty,
brought me back to life,
collected all my debris.
You have no idea
how much it means to me –
to be put right back
to my destiny.

MR @ 2016


Girl In 210. (1/3)

On a cold winter morn,
I squeezed into my jacket –
my breath’s darn cold
like I had chewed on ice.
I stood still waiting
for the bus to come ‘round.
It’s a little late now,
worse, it had started to drizzle.
Rain came pouring down,
I was sure I’d get another shower.
But you came right beside me,
had an umbrella over my head.
I thanked you profusely,
you just smiled and nodded your head.
I asked you your name,
you only responded with “Girl in 210″.

I had no idea what you meant,
but the ride finally arrived.
I ushered you to go in first,
not my luck, it’s not your ride.
“Your name?” I asked again,
in all mystery you just gave me a grin.
With a touch of hesitation
i went inside in isolation.
”Girl in 210,
will I ever see you again?”
I’ve waited days and weeks,
and months and years.
Still took the same bus route,
and my sanity I’ve started to doubt.
Did I really meet you, 210?
Were you for real?
Or were you just a fiction?
created by my imagination.

MR 2017


The burning desire
to harm, maim,
inflict pain…
It’s uncontrollable.
I look at you
and your perfectly
combed hair and think
of the things
I can possibly do
to torment you.
Your flat ironed shirt,
neatly tucked
beneath your
costly pretentious
It gives me the
urge to put
that real leather
around your neck
and wait to hear
it snap while
I stare and look at the life
go out from your eyes.
Oh, the wonders
of murder!
The joyous pleasure
it conveys
to an ill-driven mind!
If you can fumble
through the haywire
of my mind.
You will see my need
to drink all the
misery in the world
and thrust it
deep into your
throat right before
I slit them open
and watch you
profusely bleed.


If Only.

You walk through a path
that’s cold as ice –
your feet are sore
bereaved in a frostbite.
Your hands are warm
like they’re on fire
slowly you’ve melted
into desolation.
You walk on through
notwithstanding your aching
like every piece of you
has been torn apart – broken.
Tormented with a past
you can’t escape,
entangled in a decision
you wouldn’t want to make.
If only I could keep you
from your insomnolence
and the constant thriving
of debris in your heart.
I would but I can’t
and believe me I tried.
Won’t you let me in,
let me be by your side.


Last Time.

You wished for a hug
I don’t know  why.
You never even liked me,
not even for a while.
I backed away
and shook your hand,
that’s the most I could give –
for I cannot lie with
what I feel inside.
To all the belittling,
I’d finally say farewell,
You’ve made me feel small
but I still wish you well.
No more angst,
no more anxiety,
I’m glad you’ve left,
before I, myself, went away.
10 More days –
‘til I find my peace
’til I find the silence
that I’ve so long missed.
The best of gifts
that I got this month
is that you’re nowhere near me
the day I head out.



On that 8 o’clock bus ride
You’ve wandered in my mind.
You stared at me with your eyes,
I caught myself in a wide smile.

Long and beautiful black hair,
those big and brown doll eyes…
You look a lot like me and her
You probably came from HFM and I.

I wish you’d be
just as smart in Math as she.
You mom calculates so well –
her skills leave my mouth hanging in marvel.

I hope your heart is
filled with poems and words.
You can write your mom letters,
or make her sing with songs you wrote.

Mostly, I wish you’ll be a dreamer,
a doctor, musician, feel free to be carried away!
You can be anything you want to be,
although I hope you’d be as funny as me.

At half past 8, the bus has stopped,
you kissed me in the face to wake me up.
Your tiny hands has bid me good bye,
My child, see you again in my next bus ride.


Like The Movies

“I’m just a girl
standing in front of a boy”

Oh wait a minute
I made a mistake.
I’m barking at the
wrong tree when
that line, I said.
“What we have here,
is a failure to communicate”

With that said, Apologies!
The quote I need to correct.
For this to hold meaning,
Here goes nothing.

“You make me want
to be a better man”

Yes, clearly I’m woman
But I meant every line.
“Swoon. I’ll catch you”
That much is true.
“I have crossed oceans
of time to find you”.

If I live through eternity
without you that’s
a time too long
“I would rather share one
lifetime with you than
face all the ages
of this world alone.”

I have fallen in love
the first time we met.
“I was looking up…it was
the nearest thing to heaven
you were there!”

Your eyes had shown me
it’s okay to be scared.
“I’ve fallen in love.
I’m an ordinary woman.
I didn’t think such violent
things could happen
to ordinary people”.

These words are borrowed
Originality is not my feat.
But these lines aren’t hollow,
my sincerity’s concrete.
My love for you is true,
this, too, is a famous quote.
I love you like in those movies too
Unscripted and still devout.


A poem created with movies as my inspiration. I’ve always liked movie quotes and such, so I created a poem with a mix of me and a mix of other characters from a movie. Find references below:

“I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy” – Anna Scott of Notting Hill

“What we’ve got here is failure to communicate” – Strother Martin of Cool Hand Luke

“You make me want to be a better man” – Melvin Udall of As Good As It Gets

“Swoon. I’ll catch you” – Almasy of The English Patient

“I have crossed oceans of time to find you”. – Dracula of Dracula

“I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.” – Arwen of The Lord of The Rings

“I was looking up…it was the nearest thing to heaven you were there!” –Terry of An Affair to Remember

“I’ve fallen in love. I’m an ordinary woman. I didn’t think such violent things could happen to ordinary people”. – Laura of Brief Encounter

The Crab and The Goat

The dominant part of me
lives in the ocean,
Loyal and true as can be,
I carry loads of emotions.

My other side of being,
dwells in this humble Earth.
You might find me conceited, but
I just know my worth.

We are different from each other
in a lot of weird ways.
But we’re stronger together
Our host gets stronger each day.

One half is born from the star,
the other brought about by the moon
We are each other’s anchor
I’m both Cancer and Capricorn.


MR @ 2016


People in the office are talking about things that frightens them the most. There are a lot of things covered – losing one’s career, failing in business, and losing a loved one.

As an avid fan of merely listening, I’ve formulated an answer in my mind. That of which, only strangers (or no one for that matter) would ever be able to read.

I’ve done a lot of things in life in which I was initially frightened… There are a few events in which I thought I’d lose my mind, but none of them came even close to that one thing that frightened me the most – falling in love.

The first time I truly fell in love was with this wonderful woman. She’s all I could even ask for and more. That’s why it’s so frightening. It’s scary to be with that one person who you never thought could make up for everything the world has to offer – when all the world could offer you is her, and it’s more than enough. It’s scary to fall in love with someone so bad that sometimes even the thought of that person possibly leaving you is already giving you shivers in a hot summer day. Someone so perfect for you, someone who (amidst all the flaws or imperfections) will always be that one person you yearn for.

Before I found out that she loved me too, every minute of every day I wanted her to be happy and wish that she will be even if it’s not me. Then when she loved me in return, I pray each day and each night that she will continue to do so. When you give your heart to someone, you just turned your heart into this very fragile glass. This glass, you carefully placed in the palm of her hands as she holds it upright and all you can ever do is hope… hope that her arms won’t tire to hold it still for as long as a lifetime. Then love blossoms in all season, yet, sometimes, some days, when it’s raining or it’s scorching hot, the fear comes creeping back to taunt you – the fear of her losing interest in that fragile glass and later on deciding to break it and not care.

Nothing could be more scary than giving someone else the power to make then break you… But then again, nothing is more fulfilling than having that same person fear the very thing you are afraid of but still braving the her way to you and meeting you halfway. Such is love… it’s easily the most frightening, yet the most enticing feeling in the world.