Right Back.

I can’t find my past
in my head,
there are visions
that I cannot connect.
Dreams, that are
too damaged to conceive.
My subconscious
is but a hazy stance,
ripped apart
trapped in a mere trance.
My present isn’t
refined as well,
shrouded by a cloud
perhaps it’s but a quell.
In spite all that,
you appeared with majesty,
brought me back to life,
collected all my debris.
You have no idea
how much it means to me –
to be put right back
to my destiny.

MR @ 2016


Philippines and You.

The Philippines is a lovely place,
you will explore beauty you’ve never seen before.
But such beauty cannot compare
to what I see when I look at you.

I have looked into the depths of the eye of a tarsier in Bohol,
dived deep into the ocean in Boracay,
bathed naked under the sun, on the sugary sand of Palawan,
but never had I felt so seen that when I see you staring at me.

I have seen the grandness of Tinuy-an Falls,
had been enchanted to the mystic of the Enchanted River,
witnessed the majesty of Maria Cristina Falls,
but none of them comes close to
the mystic magnet of me being drawn to you.

In talks of perfection, what can be more perfect than Mayon?
Or as equally dazzling as the waves in Surigao?
or as perfectly calm as the twin lakes in Dumaguete?
I searched for answers to these question
but the answer was in Siquijor all along.

I’ve been to a lot of places and seen different colors in the wind,
but I’ve never been inside myself, until I saw them in your eyes.
All of these and more, no one can contest that you’re
the only one I adore.



The burning desire
to harm, maim,
inflict pain…
It’s uncontrollable.
I look at you
and your perfectly
combed hair and think
of the things
I can possibly do
to torment you.
Your flat ironed shirt,
neatly tucked
beneath your
costly pretentious
It gives me the
urge to put
that real leather
around your neck
and wait to hear
it snap while
I stare and look at the life
go out from your eyes.
Oh, the wonders
of murder!
The joyous pleasure
it conveys
to an ill-driven mind!
If you can fumble
through the haywire
of my mind.
You will see my need
to drink all the
misery in the world
and thrust it
deep into your
throat right before
I slit them open
and watch you
profusely bleed.


If Only.

You walk through a path
that’s cold as ice –
your feet are sore
bereaved in a frostbite.
Your hands are warm
like they’re on fire
slowly you’ve melted
into desolation.
You walk on through
notwithstanding your aching
like every piece of you
has been torn apart – broken.
Tormented with a past
you can’t escape,
entangled in a decision
you wouldn’t want to make.
If only I could keep you
from your insomnolence
and the constant thriving
of debris in your heart.
I would but I can’t
and believe me I tried.
Won’t you let me in,
let me be by your side.



On that 8 o’clock bus ride
You’ve wandered in my mind.
You stared at me with your eyes,
I caught myself in a wide smile.

Long and beautiful black hair,
those big and brown doll eyes…
You look a lot like me and her
You probably came from HFM and I.

I wish you’d be
just as smart in Math as she.
You mom calculates so well –
her skills leave my mouth hanging in marvel.

I hope your heart is
filled with poems and words.
You can write your mom letters,
or make her sing with songs you wrote.

Mostly, I wish you’ll be a dreamer,
a doctor, musician, feel free to be carried away!
You can be anything you want to be,
although I hope you’d be as funny as me.

At half past 8, the bus has stopped,
you kissed me in the face to wake me up.
Your tiny hands has bid me good bye,
My child, see you again in my next bus ride.



I held your face in my cold hands
and slowly brushed my thumb on your lips.
I felt the tension in your neck,
where my fingers lay in comfort.

I looked deep into your eyes searching
if they are burning with passion as is mine.
I pull you in closer, my lips starting to part and
felt your breath in my mouth before I welcome them in mine.

Your soft lips finally touching mine
Having waited for forever was truly rewarding.
We sunk into each other’s arms as the night faded away
Held bent in this kiss that we both won’t be forgetting.



Dark clouds hovered
over my head today.
Made me wonder,
what had made them grey.
Stayed under it longer
hoping in the next hour
I could uncover,
secrets they probably convey.
I looked over my shoulder
and I saw rainbows
over the heads of others…
Made me realize I’d
just been feeling low
and have succumbed to
my storms and thunders.