Secondhand Serenade.

Back to the old days,
We were nothing but Strangers.
Every day we ask
“Is there anybody out there?”
Anyone who could be a friend
or maybe even Something More.
Then I met you…
and all I can think of is
“Stay close, don’t go”.
For I am half alive without you.
But you’re hesitant to love.
You feel Our Time will succumb to end.
You say it’s you, not me and
Left without a word –
You may have quit on me
and I have Nothing Left To Say.
It’s Your call, but let me do what I need,
Let me help Fix You,
Keep you Awake when your souls asleep.
You are a drug and I’m addicted..
A twist in my story that I’ve long wanted.
It’s never too late, even if
You say you’re Vulnerable and Broken.
I’ve Fallen for you and you have for me,
Take me with you for
we are the Right kind of crazy.



Locked Down.

Dive into my subconscious
where everything’s a mess yet in order.
Suppressed emotions locked at best,
unknowing when they’ll turn into anger.
Sometimes I lie awake,
hoping sleep won’t follow.
For I could never take
another minute into the dark hallows.
Gripping, curling,
the horror that I see
when these eyes are closed,
I sometimes couldn’t breathe.
Lucky, blessed,
I will always appreciate
the day you came into my life
that night you slept by my side.
Sometimes I still wake up screaming
my hands around my throat,
cold sweat dripping trying to control
my heart racing,, jumping out of my chest.
But then I feel your hands reach out –
the only cure to my anxiety.
Your presence is the only thing
that offers true tranquility.
Diving into my subconscious now
is still a mess yet in order.
Where all suppressed emotions are locked down,
but I fear not for you have been
and always will be around.


Philippines and You.

The Philippines is a lovely place,
you will explore beauty you’ve never seen before.
But such beauty cannot compare
to what I see when I look at you.

I have looked into the depths of the eye of a tarsier in Bohol,
dived deep into the ocean in Boracay,
bathed naked under the sun, on the sugary sand of Palawan,
but never had I felt so seen that when I see you staring at me.

I have seen the grandness of Tinuy-an Falls,
had been enchanted to the mystic of the Enchanted River,
witnessed the majesty of Maria Cristina Falls,
but none of them comes close to
the mystic magnet of me being drawn to you.

In talks of perfection, what can be more perfect than Mayon?
Or as equally dazzling as the waves in Surigao?
or as perfectly calm as the twin lakes in Dumaguete?
I searched for answers to these question
but the answer was in Siquijor all along.

I’ve been to a lot of places and seen different colors in the wind,
but I’ve never been inside myself, until I saw them in your eyes.
All of these and more, no one can contest that you’re
the only one I adore.


Taste of Christmas in Pinas

On Christmas day,
I’d like to eat
all that’s listed;
let’s start with
the sweet spaghetti
that’s oh so yummy!
The pork hamonado
that makes me go loco!
The embutido
still wrapped in foil –
Mama, please,
Let me have it all!
The Kaldereta,
my favorite dish,
cooked by my girl –
what a heavenly taste!
Of course, who’d miss
the Pancit Malabon?
you get so ’busog
you’ll start to yawn.
And on the table’s
a variety of ’kakanins
from puto bumbong to bibingka,
you won’t know where to begin.
Mommy’s fruit salad,
is the best of desserts.
I had too much of it
I’ve bloated in my shirt.
But the best among the rest
is the King of the night!
Lechon baboy so mouth-watering
in every bite!
Working abroad,
I’m missing how it was –
the tradition, the culture,
and the taste of Pinas.

MR@2016 (December Post)


Gisubay ko ang dalan
paingon sa kamatuoran,
Apan ang mga tawo maglisud
ug dawat sa salangpotan.
Ang saunang dukiros na dalan,
karon makabungog sa kahilom ug kalibogan.
Nagbarog ako sa tunga-tunga sa sangi.
Gahandom ug tawng kaila nga muagi.
Makalibog ang pagpili
sa dalan na angay’ng giokan.
Sa tinuod lang, nanginahanglan ko ug tabang.
Pero ang dalan nagpabiling ngit-ngit,
ang mga suga gapiratpirat sa kaadlawong hapit.
Wala’y mitubag sa akong mga pagpanangpit –
ang kahilom sa palibot dili masakmit.
Sa pagkakaron,pilion kong magpadayung
nag inusara sa dalang alimpasay,
Kaysa magpabiling nabuta sa kabakakan
nga gibukotan ug kaharuhay.


Paghubad sa Inglis // English Translation


Walked towards the path leading to the truth,
Even though others had found it difficult to accept.
The road that was once busy,
now is deafening with silence and confusion.
I stood in the midst of a crossroads,
hoping to find a familiar face in the crowd.
Dumbfounded on which path to tread,
in truth, help’s one thing I badly need.
But the road’s still enveloped in darkness,
and street light’s continue to flicker in the break of dawn.
Try as I may to ask for help, no one’s responded –
the silence  could not be seized.
Now I realize that I’d rather walk alone in agony,
than stay in the comfort of being blindsided
by pretense and lies so blatantly.


Hush Now.

You came running towards me,
panic rushed all over my body.
To be near you, was all I ever wanted.
and you’re here now, I should be happy.
Yet there’s sorrow in your eyes and your soul,
and you no longer believed in tomorrow.
Hush now… Hush!
You don’t say things like that.
You hugged me tight, it was Heaven’s gift.
It was the only thing every Christmas
that I ever wished to receive.
Yet it was because of  the pain.
The suffering you’re going through.
I now wish I could somehow take it back,
make it mine and pull it away from you.
Hush now… Hush!
Your tears are soaking my shirt, it’s my favorite,
but if you wish to make a handkerchief of it, I’d comply.
Think, man! Think!
How can I possibly calm you down?
I caressed you like a child, held you near as you cried.
If I tell you “I love you”, will you no longer be blue?
Would you smile for me dear?
Would that give you a cheer?
Yet I can’t possibly say that, for now, let me be here for you –
Though you don’t hear me, I will hear you.
Hush now.. Hush.
Please stop crying.
I feel helpless that I can’t even take away the pain.
Hush now… Hush.
It seemed to have worked!
You’ve now kept your silence, but then uttered
I love him…” thinking you’re unheard.


Huli Na.

Umaambon na naman
maya’t maya’y bubuhos ang ulan.
Maaalala na naman
ang mga panahong nagdaan.
Sa bawat pag-ugoy ng hangin
Kalungkutan ang nadarama
Sa bawat dagundong ng kulog
Ako’y nanghihina.
Nakatulog ako ng matagal,
sa himbing ko,
di ko na namalayan,
matagal ka na rin palang
nakatutok, nakaabang,
na ako’y magising
sa katotohanan.
Pilitin mang magising,
ang mata ko nakapikit pa rin,
nabulag sa katotohanan
na ang buhay maikli lamang.
Kaya lubhang pagsisisi
ang nadarama
simula ng ika’y nawala.
Eto ako ngayun
dilat na dilat na
ngunit huling huli na rin pala.
Lumisan ka na,
hindi man lang tayo nagkita.
Ipinagkait ko sayo
ang nag iisang hiling mo –
na tayo’y magkasama
sa mga huling araw ng buhay mo.
“Masyado akong abala!”
ang palaging katwiran ko.
Ngayun iyon nalang ang meron ako
abala at katwiran,
ngunit para pa to saan ‘to
kung wala ka na rin lang
sa piling ko…



Sa mga panahon sa kalisud,
kung mulapas na sa
utlanan ang imong pagpailob.
Sa mga panahon sa kasakit
ug katimawa o kakabos ug kung
magpatigbabaw sa kinabuhi ang kapait –
Bahala ug magkamang na
Bahala ug magkayamukat ang agi
Pagpabiling ga-sukol
sa tanang kagul-anan.
Pagpabilin sa imong pagdasig
bisan pa ug unsa ang
muabot nga kabilinggan.


Paghubad sa English // English Translation


In times of hardships
or when patience
has reached its limit.
In times of distress
and destitute, and misery,
or in those times of bitterness –
I will crawl if I have to
just to go through this messy life.
I will continue to fight
amidst the loneliness.
I will continue to stay resilient
throughout life’s encumbrance.