The Universe Within

4The hardest subject for me to write about is myself – actually describing myself. I’d like to think that we are all the same beings living in parallel worlds and that’s the only thing that makes the difference between me and you. So how is my world any different from yours?

I like to look up in the sky at night wondering about aliens and other living and breathing beings outside of Earth. I know somewhere in the vast universe, there are those who are just like us, and maybe some of them have already lived among us.

The moon has always been my guide. It used to encompass an imagery that is my father, but it has now faded and turned to dust. Albeit, I still love the moon. It still captures my heart like how a certain song can calm you down and boost you up like you’re in complete bliss.

My brain is nocturnal. Feelings, thoughts, ideas are mostly created with the moon’s presence. I think better, act better, and am more sober under the evening sky.

I am often told that I have a Mediterranean look despite my pure Cebuana blood. I was born and raised in Cebu, but I plan to permanently move to a much simpler and quieter place – Negros, perhaps?

Back in College, I really considered taking up Journalism or Literature. The mother did not agree, she said it was impractical and that I need to choose a vocation in which I can earn, I can work.

The written words, however, has always been the gist of my being. It’s the lifeline of me. I would have never been able to go through everything if not for my writing. I write what I feel when I feel it. Sometimes, I like writing about other people. When I hear their story and I wish to share it to others. Or when their stories greatly affect me, I sit in one corner and write.

I adore horror fiction, it brings me closer to reality. The reality of no happy ending. But I’m really a sentimentalist. I love my girlfriend so much. She means the world to me. Everyone has turned their backs on me, especially my parents, but she stood still beside me.

I love to travel. Right now, my situation is not at it’s prime to travel but someday I will. I want to see the world with my naked eye, breathe the air of mountains and fly with the sea breeze. Be free. Be me.

My Sun sign in Cancer and my Moon sign is Capricorn. When I write, I write like a Cancer, but in person, I behave like a Capricorn. You’d hardly see me as anything but happy. 😉

You may also find me in Nocturnal Wonderwall – Tumblr, where most of my daily musings and blogs are kept.