I’d always be indebted to you
even after my life is through.
For you have revived me,
you gave me life and set me free.

Thank you for your devotion –
for being my greatest inspiration.
Your great love and adoration,
has always been the subject of my poems.

Thank you for your honesty,
else, I am not the person I am today.
’til my last breath I’d say,
you’re the only one who can take
my breath away.





When you feel alone and sad,
it, too, makes me feel bad.
So I make a funny face,
to make you smile in little ways.

Each time the day turns to night,
I’ll keep you warm and hold you tight.
Be with you through every storm,
You will never have to be alone.

Here’s my heart, I give to you.
Keep it forever and don’t let go.
We’ll walk through this life’s maze,
I’m here for you – always.




I don’t think
I’ve told you enough
how special you are,
how much you’re loved.

Like the mountains that
rises up so high,
my love for you’s
beyond the reach of the skies.

As deep as the mysteries
of the rivers and seas,
my adoration for you
will never cease.

Even as
we turn old and grey,
I’ll love you still,
throughout eternity.



Who is HFM?

I tell some folks she’s my girl.
But I can’t tell them that
she’s that one person who stole
my heart but gave me my life
the one who gave me a reason
to change the course of my sails
and the only woman who’s made me
fall head over heels.

I tell my friends she’s the one
but I can’t tell them that I love
every curve of her smile or batting of her lashes
or the scent I smell in her neck.
I can’t tell them that her hand
though smaller than mine fit perfectly
that I insist that our fingers intertwine
each and every time we walk side by side.

I look at her and I tell myself I’m lucky.
Lucky that she even considered me
or that she’s decided to look my way
and eventually fell in love with me too
the way I never think I could fall
for anyone or someone else in this world.
If our lives our designed in this sort of destiny,
I’m happy that I belong to her in this lifetime.


Honey [Make You Mine]

I was a soulless creature,
Enjoyed the world at my feet.
I never had imagined,
That for her I’d fall so deep.

I’ve encountered stormy seas,
Fell in an abyss of strain.
I thought I’d never find bliss,
‘Til she took away the pain.

She was the sweetest woman,
She’s pure and lovely and kind.
I’ll love her the best I can,
Honey, I’ve gotta make you mine!