So Much More.

T’was an ordinary day
when I met you,
I didn’t think much of it
Until I looked at you.
You smiled, said ‘Hi’ and I
could hardly breathe.
Your face is all I’d want
to see in my every day.

As I took your hand to shake it
my heart wouldn’t stop racing,
I want to tell you then “I’m yours”.
There’s butterflies inside my stomach,
I feel like kissing you, wait is that awkward?
Honey, will you stay with me for life?

I hoped you’d soon be mine.
I will love you for a lifetime.
I will love you way much more
than I’d ever loved before…
So when you became mine I thought,
“Isn’t this just cool!”
coz I thought I’d loved you then
but now I love you so much more.



More Than.

I keep thinking of
the perfect words to say,
One that will
blow your mind away. 

I keep thinking of
the perfect song to write,
one that could convey
all the feelings I’ve inside. 

I looked up at the dictionary
and I keep running out of words,
Listened to a thousand songs
all of them to me seem blurred. 

So I keep trying to find
the right words to say,
I will keep trying to
love you in so much more ways.

As none of the things
I’ve thought would do.
I’d go for the
simplest way to tell you.

I love you,
more than words can say
more than songs could sing
more than any art could portray.




You took me to your paradise
Why? I couldn’t surmise.
Something tells me I should be scared,
Scared – that finally someone cared.

This feeling is new to me,
where both my feelings and logic agree.
Tell me it’s something I can trust,
That this epiphany won’t leave me to rust.

I want to live with you – within you.
As how you’ve created a berth in my soul.
Catch me! Catch me when I fall.
For when I do, I can simply give my all.


Who is HFM?

I tell some folks she’s my girl.
But I can’t tell them that
she’s that one person who stole
my heart but gave me my life
the one who gave me a reason
to change the course of my sails
and the only woman who’s made me
fall head over heels.

I tell my friends she’s the one
but I can’t tell them that I love
every curve of her smile or batting of her lashes
or the scent I smell in her neck.
I can’t tell them that her hand
though smaller than mine fit perfectly
that I insist that our fingers intertwine
each and every time we walk side by side.

I look at her and I tell myself I’m lucky.
Lucky that she even considered me
or that she’s decided to look my way
and eventually fell in love with me too
the way I never think I could fall
for anyone or someone else in this world.
If our lives our designed in this sort of destiny,
I’m happy that I belong to her in this lifetime.



Yellow tape’s drape,
covering my being.
Walk slowly, don’t haste,
Be careful from falling.

I admit of being imperfect,
but so is everyone.
Best not to expect,
you still have time to run.

Still you made it across
beyond the yellow line.
To me, your heart’s tossed,
hoping it’d just be fine.

Yet t’was me who’s fallen,
Albeit conscious prudence
Captivated by your being,
I’ve fallen with your exuberance.



I love the night inasmuch
as you adore mornings.
I like them cords and wires
but you can never stand them.
I adore big bulky shoes,
but with slip-ons, you’re amused.
I like baggy shirts and shorts,
but they always make you snort.

On our travels and photographs,
you’d rather capture the world.
I, on the other hand, would rather
capture your smile’s curves.
In a universe full of irony,
you and me are the real mystery.
Though I care not of juxtaposition,
For to be with you is my only ambition.

MR @ 2016


Try as I may, I wrote.
On that blank paper
I tried to make a note.
I just couldn’t quite decipher
Why you keep pushing.
That a poem for you,
I should start making.
You aren’t mine
As I ain’t yours.
Yet you ask for me something
Which is a little absurd.
I guess you were assuming,
That somehow, for you,
I have feelings.
I like you, but only
like a little sister.
So to another direction,
please go hither.
There is nothing romantic
between you and me.
If you think
otherwise, I want to say
“I’m sorry.”

But this poem,
I dedicate to you.
That you find someone
Who will love you so true.
All the poems you wrote
for me in mellow,
I hope finds a home
with another fellow.
It’s not me
you truly desire,
we don’t have chemistry
there is no fire.
I tell you now
For the sake of clarity
I am not worthy
of your poetry.


MR @ 2016


You are the sound that lingers
The strum on my fingers,
The ballad to my ardour,
The peace in my barcarolle.

You are my sole audience
As my concert commence
You bring alegro to my life
Such happiness in a rife.

You’re the lyrics to my music,
in a harmony that’s chromatic.
You may not hear my call,
But you are the rhythm to my soul.

MR @ 2016